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If there is one thing I, your hero, am not good at, it's seduction. I can't even pronounce the word correctly because it sounds too silly to me, so I pronounce it like seduckseeon which obviously is way more ridiculous, so at least I laugh at it. To myself. Because I have driven people away with my lunacy. But, in the way of coincidences, I'm soon to be faced with yet another seduckseeon (don't forget the vaguely French nasal "on" when you pronounce that), and this week's prompt reminded me of one of my first.

When I was 18, I took swing dance lessons with Paulo and a few other friends, and afterward we'd find ourselves playing in Ashland into the night. Ashland is the local token hippie town and is possessed of a pretty great park, including swan pond, playgrounds, and lots of trails. After the last dance of the series, sometime in summer, I was swinging by myself while my friends frolicked further on. Squeak, squeak, while I toed the bark dust and pondered Many Existential Things, as a teenager is wont to do. A voice broke in on my reverie - I'm not sure now what he said, but I looked up, and there was this adorable hippie boy, dreadlocks and all, watching me swing. We started talking. One of those great talks you can sometimes have with a stranger that, in retrospect, are probably meaningless except as a cover for pheromones flying everywhere.

Less than a year before, I'd been assaulted at a party. I didn't like people to touch me, but oh my, did I want this boy to touch me.

Now, I also don't remember if what occurred happened that night (that's moving fast, even for your hero, but then again, when opportunity knocks...) or a few nights later. What I do remember is having this hippie boy (HB from now on) buckled into the passenger seat of my truck, speeding towards home. Home, at this point, was in the middle of nowhere about 45 minutes north of Ashland, but conveniently located on the lower slope of a mountain, which I believed would afford us privacy. I dashed into my parents' house, grabbed a flashlight and a blanket, and yelled a lie about watching a movie at my cousin's house at the back of my dad's head before running out and gunning the truck before dad could look out and see a male who was decidedly NOT my cousin sitting inside.

I drove around the corner to the trail head, and HB and I bounded out, full of enthusiasm. A hike! Then.... shenanigans! And star watching or some other completely bullshit excuse to go up on a plateau and be alone! The hike itself was fine - I'd been over this trail so many times I felt I could do it in the dark, and it was exciting to introduce someone to one of my favorite places. The top of the plateau was dark, the star-filled sky huge above us, and so quiet. At first.

If you read my previous post, you may remember a reference to rattlesnakes. There are in fact rattlesnakes in this area. As a further fact, the first picture in that post is the exact mountain which I am now referencing. So, the thing about these rattlers, if not others, is that they spend the day soaking up the sun but are relatively quiescent unless disturbed. They then expend that solar energy looking for the smallish rodents and whatnot that make up their diet. At night. Which I did not know.

HB and I laid our blanket just off the trail (probably crushing a bunch of rare, found-only-here plants in the process) and proceeded to "star gaze." I will spare you the details, but suffice to say, as things progressed, we heard more and more slithering noises. We... progressed. Then heard a rattle. Then heard more rattles. Within the space of minutes, we went from quite happily progressing to the end of the star-gazing to uncoupling, leaping to our feet, and throwing our clothes on because all we could hear was the RATTLES. HB grabbed the blanket, I grabbed the flashlight, and we ran down that trail.

That was a weird drive to take him home. I tried to look him up a few days later - all I really knew about him was he was visiting his sister (and whatever his name was), but finally ran into him in downtown Ashland awhile after. He was obviously uncomfortable and didn't want any sort of a repeat, despite the snake-less options available to us, so I awkwardly shuffled away and out of his life.

So, while I prepare this latest seduckseeon attempt, I can console myself with this: I am definitely way too suave now to accidentally toss my lover into a snake pit. Progress!

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