Nov. 10th, 2016

Well and so, here we are... I'm a 36-year-old Jewish cat lady who currently lives with her alcoholic grandmother and bitter, codependent mother in a trailer double-wide mobile home in rural Oregon. I'm unemployed and depressed. I am working on fixing about half of those things to be better.

I've done Idol a few times before now, and was hesitant to do it this time - if showering and applying for 2 jobs a week is hard, how will I write? But writing brings me out of myself, interacting with people gives me hope. Connections, y'all.... connections are important.

Despite it being week 0, I haven't come up with a cohesive plan for Idol. Not that I've ever come up with a cohesive plan for Idol, but it seems like such a good idea, you know? I'm toying with writing memoir/short stories revolving around sadredneckville because 'they' say to write what you know.... If you've read the book Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock, that's what I'm shooting for... not in a "plagiaristic" type of way, in a "I didn't know people would like stories like this" kind of way, and then we're back to writing what you know! But there may not be a theme for anything either. It's a crap shoot.

Hello and welcome, either way. I look forward to talking with you and reading your work. Also, all concrit is welcome here - I do love and enjoy all the encouraging "this is great!" comments, but if there's something you see that you think would make my writing better, please don't hesitate to tell me! Nicely though, I'm fragile ;)

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