This LJ is now mostly locked; however, I do welcome new readers/friends, especially people who comment and interact in a nice respectful way :) Be welcome! If I forgot to notify you that I added your LJ, I do apologize. Also I tend to drop people if they haven't posted for awhile; if that happened and you're back lemme know! The public entries will likely be [ profile] therealljidol entries, and I encourage you to check out that community.

People of note, whom I often refer to you without reference/context at the time:
Granny: My maternal grandmother.
Grandma: My paternal grandmother.
David: My brother, who is almost my exact opposite and the person I respect most in this world, even though we don't agree on a lot of stuff.
Mom/Dad: Parental units, obviously.
The Pox: [ profile] bexfabulous, all-around hoodlum.
J.Bola: The Pox's boyfriend.
My tattoo artist: [ profile] lastporter- more than sort of awesome.
Junior: An almost, but not quite, nemesis.
The Bearded One: A friend, former crush, and older brother to J.Bola.
Snarls: My socially-challenged cat.
The Gentleman Caller, also 'GC' and 'Ben': [ profile] leroy_brown242, the abusive partner in a past relationship.
Max Powers: [ profile] glowing_fish, friend and ex-boyfriend.

Succinct summary:
Age/Sign: 35, Aquarius

How long have you had your LJ: Um... October 2002? Not sure, but the Pox got me on it.

What does your username mean: I used to dye my hair with henna with cinnamon mixed in... also I like Neil Young. But Cinnamongirl was already taken. Also I then switched to paprika, as it gives a more vibrant red. Any coy 'sinful' connotation was unintended.

What is your favorite thing about LJ: Interaction with people I'd never normally meet.

What is your motivation on Live Journal? I work from home, so it's hard for me to remain connected/interactive IRL (I'm an introvert with depression problems), and also I've been journaling since the 2nd grade, so it was a natural progression to do it online.

Have you ever met anyone on your F List in real life? A couple of them, yes! Though my original small Flist were people I knew IRL.

Do you have a paid subscription? I believe I do.

Where do you live: Southern Oregon; I have a mailing address and a few places to stay but no real fixed home for myself.

Do you have an accent? To quote a guy I went on a date with many years ago, "you're the only person I've met who doesn't have an accent. You sound like the people on TV."

Do you have pets: An old and grumpy cat, a brand-new kitten, and also live with 2 dogs of Granny's and 1 cat of mom's (whom I fostered as a kitten even though he's lived with her for 6 years)

Did you go to school: Under protest I went to a traditional 4-year college. Then trade school. Then a whimsical fling with art classes. Then a less-whimsical fling with graduate school, which I dropped out of after a little over a year.

What do you do: Yearn to do other stuff, mostly...

Do you have more drama, at home or at work: At home. Where I also work.

Who do you often write about: Family, friends... the usual.

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