I'm both awkwardly bored and really pumped about life. I didn't quite meet my quota for the day, but I followed my instinct (yes. YES) and knew that working while Ben was smashing away at his WoW raid would be inhibitive to work production, so I took the night off to paint. And drink. But mostly paint. More than a year ago (defined as "pre-shacking up") I got drunk one night and watched 'Harold and Maude' and started a painting. It has been sitting on top of the beer collection shelf since then. I... am not yet done. But I'm much closer! And, as defined on DP by [livejournal.com profile] adamsbja, with whom I once folded turtles for Terry (Pratchett- 1000 origami turtles in modified Japanese tradition), I also painted a, um, beach with house(s) and a, um, shoreline.

yeah. It's not so great. I'm going to upload a picture of it anyway, once Ben is done smashing warlords or something and can get around to uploading it.... but... I dunno, here's my problem with painting/drawing: What is in my head almost never- and I mean 9.5 times out of 10 never- comes out onto the surface. I don't understand the disconnect, I really don't. It's very likely I've not had enough technical knowledge instilled into my brain to do the translation, but one of the reasons I avoid art- which is one of the things that also makes life worthwhile- is that disconnect between brain-image and surface-image. I can't reconcile the two. I don't like it :(

More to come, probably, later. At least the "beach" scene. For sociological purposes.

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