bra fitting

Jun. 7th, 2012 01:16 pm
I found this amazing explanation on Reddit for how to fit a bra- although I had to deal with formatting issues, so I hope this comes out. There's a chart that probably isn't going to crossover well. It's long, so I'll put it behind here )

Not surprisingly, according to that probably none of my bras *actually* fit me. Also I found it interesting about the breast tissue migrating around and being able to sort of mush it back into place. I'm going to try this measuring method, then perhaps tomorrow with the car go try on some bras. I'm planning to do the Salem stuff SUPER fast, although disappointingly the really big/cheap apartment seems to be close to the site of a recent quadruple murder which is... you know... bizarre. Also the lady's answer about my question was unclear (at least to me). But the rent is probably $625/month, for 1120 square feet, which is significantly cheaper overall than $575/month for 700 square feet. But again, the smaller is located RIGHT downtown. As much as I want to get a car, it'd be totally unnecessary there, and more necessary near quadruple-murder-ville. But, bigger place would also take 2 cats if need be ($400/per cat though). The move-in costs are almost exactly the same, interestingly.

And my face broke out in two horrifying protozits- the kind that linger under the surface getting wider, not coming out in heads. Every time I get up I'm putting something on them to try to clear up the bacteria and dry 'em out a bit because I don't want to meet Fabio with a lip zit and an extra chin. But it makes sense; I'm having cramps so it must be That Time and all.

So, the bra thing... very intriguing. And now to lunch, back to work, and to make detailed maps and a plan for everything I gotta do with a car within 24 hours.

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