other edit: While I'm at it, if you're looking to donate, here's [ profile] osbick_bird's March of Dimes/March for Babies fundraising page. Give some bucks!

edit: I hope this works; it's the first time I've tried to share music this way. This dude, Evan Harris, was one of the mega-cute, slightly older, nice, and therefore INTIMIDATING guys I went to school with in Newberg. I probably spoke two words to him but stared longingly for years. Now he's a musician and artist, and I'm way impressed. Thank you Facebook for letting me stumble on this! Whee! .....modern life is so creepy sometimes....

Today I'm working like 2 hours max, then I'm going to go back to doing whatever the fuck I want to do, which will include playing pool and drinking whiskey with Ben, possibly vacuuming the living room, and possibly reading more. I've only got 1 book read for my 30-book challenge, but I also got an amazing deal on Biblical Archaeology Review (the magazine) and so will get further behind on books catching up on Sheer Awesome.
I stayed up a bit too late, but it ended up being worth it. I caught this band on Carson Daly:

And Norah Jones has a BEAUTIFUL cover of Bull Rider (this one features Sasha Dobson):

(a far cry from Betty Blowtorch, which I was enjoying earlier today but sort of grated on me; maturity?)

And the thing I've been watching OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN:

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