So, awhile ago I was raving about the therapist I was seeing. I had a few doubts, based on her emails to me during some correspondence (i.e., if I missed an appointment, she would express a lot of disappointment and tell me she'd done major work outside the office to get some good worksheets for me, yet the next appointment there would be no mention of these worksheets, and it came off as a guilt measure; this happened twice; combined with really weird use of smiley-faces sprinkled throughout the email). But she does sliding scale so that helped, and I liked her in person. Then I put off therapy, by a letter sent with a check for the last missed appointment based on the sliding scale fee we'd agreed upon. I received a letter back and totally forgot to open it; I'm not even sure where it is. This was... oh, let's see, last fall? September, October?

Fastforward to today: I received 2 emails from her, one more casual, one more official titled "attrn copy" that I'm assuming means attorney copy, that I owed her $80 and if she didn't receive it by the end of the month I'd be turned over to collections.

I paid her, in cash, every single time I went to the appointment, but she only gave me a few receipts. The only time I owed her money was when I had to cancel without giving 24 hours notice, and that was, I'd thought, taken care of when I sent her the check along with my letter. So I'm pissed, but I'm paying her just to avoid any problems.

Well, I will be paying her, once I get off my ass and go to the post office. Now I'm not really sure I should. For one thing, will any debt collector really take on an $80 debt? If I don't actually owe her this money, should I pay? I'd have to do some major digging around to find this letter she sent me, which I never opened, to see how she justifies it.

I have, however, worked pretty hard to keep my credit record clean ever since the debacles 5 or 6 years ago, so I don't want to mess; I just feel weirdly blackmailed. So, if you're looking for a sliding scale therapist in the Beaverton/Portland area, you can PM me and get her name if you want, to help in the inclusion or exclusion of her as a possibility.

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